The Four Key Areas of Transformation Are:

Transform the Community through Family

More specifically, we want to Build and Create Families. Our heart is to pour into families to ensure that faith doesn’t just happened on Sunday. We believe that real faith is transferred in the course of everyday life. We want to build into families all of the tools they need to pass a spiritual legacy from one generation to the next.

We also want to be a church that is creating families. This doesn’t mean that we are pushing couples to have more kids. What it means is that we want to be a church family that is constantly “adopting” new brothers and sisters. We want to be a place where people can belong regardless of background. Our desire is to see people find a family within our church. In fact, you’ll hear the phrase “God Makes Us Family” on a regular basis at New Life. This phrase means that we are being formed together by the Holy Spirit to look more like Jesus as we join Him in changing our world.

Transform the Region through Planting

We believe the best way to see real change occur throughout our region is to reproduce the great things God is doing all over our area. We want to start new campuses to extend the impact we can make with God’s help. This happens in two unique ways. First, we want to bring the church to places that do not have enough vibrant and healthy churches to adequately impact the community. Second, we want to start churches for peoples (think expat populations) that need a unique expression of the church that touches their specific cultural needs.

Transform Tribes through Partnership

In any region, there are “tribes” or subcultures that exist that function independently of the predominant flow of life. They may be close in proximity, but they couldn’t be more different in the way they see the world. If we’re not intentional, we can coexist together without connecting. These tribes can form because of a common problem, phase of life, or similar background. We know the best way to provide a meaningful impact is to partner with those who are already doing a work amongst the group.

For instance, we invest into strategic ministry at Kent State University because it functions as its own tribe apart from the rest of the area. Similarly, we desire to invest into partners who are helping those of different “tribes” in our region who face unique economic challenges, social obstacles, or cultural differences that would require a specialized type of ministry engagement.

Transform the World through Sacrifice

Jesus’ last words before ascending to Heaven were that the gospel should be taken to everyone all over the globe. At New Life, we know that there are goers and there are senders, and we want to be both. We have purposed to give radically and generously to help send people to share about the good news of Jesus. Currently, there are literally thousands of people groups (approximately 40% of the world’s population) who do not have a witness of Christ in their group. Additionally, there are others who have not had the opportunity to hear the gospel despite the continued impact of churches in their country. We want to invest globally in missionaries who are taking the gospel to these peoples, so that all can hear and know the hope of Christ.

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